Feb 17

Parents Learn to Engage in the Process


Andi Leopoldus spoke to a group of 50 parents and professionals on February 15 at Pikes Peak Community College, in Colorado Springs. Prior to Andi’s inspiring presentation, the Colorado Children’s Campaign discussed the 2012 Kid’s Count Report (the 2013 report will be out next month). Representatives from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Health spoke about their Family Leadership Training Institute, and how parents can influence change.

Andi spoke about her experience when advocating for her son. He was diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes when he was three years old. Not only did Andi volunteer on the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Government Relations Commission, lobbying to secure funding for diabetes research; she was his advocate when he started school. It was important to Andi that her son was safe at school and that everyone from the teachers to the custodians knew the symptoms of his insulin reactions and how to treat him for one.

This presentation was to empower parents with the tools necessary to advocate for their own children. Someone took the time to teach Andi, and she wants to pass along what she has learned to others.

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