Our Philosophy

We believe that every group who does business with the government should be represented at the Capitol.  The founding fathers spoke of “factions” which are special interest groups.  These groups serve the function of bringing factual information to their elected officials, ideas to make business better, and to teach elected officials about the communities’ needs.

To meet the needs of nonprofit organizations, AKL has kept the fees low and the quality of communication with legislators high.  Grassroots lobbying, communication with local elected officials, and expertise in testimony is encouraged and expected of the contracting entity.

AKL provides training on how to approach legislators, and encourages each client to become an advocate.

I have had the opportunity to work with Andi Leopoldus as Discover Goodwill’s lobbyist for many years. Andi is always very knowledgeable, responsive, willing to help arrange meetings that are critical to our agency, and makes complicated legislation simple and easy to understand. Andi looks for opportunities for our company and relays the basics so we can start our internal opportunity conversation. Andi is considered part of our team and has been very critical to our success.
Denise Krug, Vice President Rehabilitation and Community Services, Discover Goodwill of Southern and Western Colorado